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Flowers make the perfect corporate gift because they speak a language that everyone understands. Whether to thank a client or welcome a new employee, a beautifully arranged bouquet conveys a positive and invaluable message about your company and the way you do business. To help you make the perfect selection, our expert consultants stand ready to advise you on our full range of unique floral gifts in every style and price range. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to your company.

Account Holder Perks

-Account holders receive a 10% discount on purchases made on behalf of the business.

-We accept all major credit cards if you choose to pay for orders at the time of purchase.

-We email monthly statements for purchases made on behalf of the business & email a copy of the invoice as orders are placed.

-Extend 10% discount to employees. All you have to do is tell them. To receive their discount, all they need to do is mention where they work when placing an order by phone or in person.

-Free wire service on all wire outs. Savings to businesses of $10.00.

How does it work?

You can call or simply print the Corporate Account Application  , fill it out and mail, fax or email it back to us. Don’t forget to save a copy.

We record the name(s) of the personnel who have the authority for purchasing on the account and place “the email” on file for invoices

We document what you would typically send for any specific occasion & record standing card messages for specific occasions.

• Congratulations • Grand Openings • Birthdays •Anniversaries • Personal Milestones • Appreciation
• Sympathy • Referrals • New Arrivals • Welcome • Get Well
• Office Décor • Corporate Gifts • Events

All businesses have to do is call, identify themselves & provide the following information:

 -Recipients name


-Delivery date


For more information please contact Theresa Carter–Hess at 417.720.4004 or 417.380.7741 email: [email protected]



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