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Roses are actually edible flowers, since ancient times they have appeared at feasting tables as bouquets & as food. The flavors of roses are as unique as the colors. Some say they taste like green apples, some say they taste spicy. The sweet, tart or spicy petals are easy to use & popular additions to any kitchen whether they’re on the plate or in a vase!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!! Select fresh roses that are free from pesticides!
Light colored roses are more sweet in flavor rather than darker colored roses which have a heavier aroma & flavor. Taste a rose petal to decide where it belongs on your menu. Make sure you wash your roses gently with cool water. Blot them dry with paper towels. Pull petals out from the base of the bud & discard any blemished petals. Use the petals immediately or store in your fridge in a plastic bag. To guarantee freshness and best possible flavor, use them within a few days.

Quick Recipe!
Sugared Rose Petals
1. Boil water & sugar in a sauce pan to 234 degrees
2. Then pour the sugar mixture in a bowl that is over ice
3. Dip the rose petals in the sugar mix holding with tongs
4. After the petal has been dipped lay flat on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper
5. Put confectioners sugar in a strainer & tap lightly, creating a dust of sugar on the petals
6. Let them sit out to harden and then you have a sweet treat!


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